Make your space comfortable with a top of the range commercial heat pump

Fully-ducted heat pump systems designed to suit any space

With a wide range of commercial air conditioner, and heating systems, our team are experienced in installing systems for a variety of settings and spaces.

From churches, to schools, to small business and offices, here at Heat Pump Services, we fit our heat pumps with your needs and site!

High-quality Fujitsu heat pumps delivered with an end-to-end service

Due to the large-scale nature of commercial spaces, our team fit you with a quality system, offering professional installation and ongoing maintenance.

Our regular servicing helps to keep your work, leisure or learning space clean and comfortable. Even more, it ensures your system stays in great condition for years to come.

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We create flexible commercial heat pump solutions for you

If you’re wanting to keep to the aesthetics, and preserve your interior design with a wall-mounted heat pump, we’ll fit you with a central heating system to warm your space discreetly.

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