Installing Heat Pumps since 2004

For over 15 years, our team at Heat Pump Services have developed a personalised residential and commercial expertise throughout Auckland.

Taking over in 2008, our director Kim Neville – a heat pump expert – has shaped our company into what it is today.

Drawing on over two decades of industry experience, Kim brings a high level of knowledge and skill to the team.

Personalising the industry

Starting the business, Kim’s intentions were clear: to bridge a gap in the industry.
What was the industry missing? Guidance.

Re-shaping the company with his heat pump passion and know-how, Kim had a vision: to not only sell a product or service, but to sell advice.

He wanted to educate his clients around the benefits of heat pump systems. All the while, providing a face-to-face service, fitting clients with the perfect solution for their heat pump needs.

Who we are

Today, we are a professional heat pump and air conditioning supplier and installer – we provide premium quality products and services. But more than this, we provide specialised advice.

Fit for Purpose

With a range of clients – from commercial businesses to residential home-owners – we understand that every client is different. Which is why we provide advice that is “fit for purpose”. We don’t just sell heat pumps, we fit them.

Face-to-face approach

As a family-owned business, our team value a personal approach. We guide our clients every step of the way – from an on-site consultation, to installation to servicing – we do our business in person.

So what should you know about us?

Heat Pump Services are your home of quality heat pumps, unmatched expertise and exceptional customer service. We provide our clients with the security and confidence to know they have made the best decision for their heating and cooling needs.

Looking for expert advice on a new heat pump system?

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